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Energy-Efficient Homes in Beverly

KBRCO Energy Efficient Home Designs takes great pride in providing the residents of Beverly with energy-efficient homes that meet your high expectations. We have a long track record for producing innovative design and problem-solving solutions that match your budget and building deadlines. Our experienced designers are fully licensed professionals who deeply understand the need to conserve energy and protect the environment with affordable, sustainable, and energy-reducing blueprints that set you up for success over the long term.

Call (603) 432-3889 to schedule an appointment to meet with our design team for the first consultation at no obligation on your behalf. We’re looking forward to getting to know the unique details of your desires so we can assist you in bringing them to fruition.

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Energy-Efficient Home Designs

We understand how important it is to conserve resources like energy while protecting the environment with smart, sustainable design. For this reason, we’ve fully embraced energy-efficient home designs and construction. This reflects our commitment to helping you achieve your personal goals of living in an ultra-efficient home. It also positions our communities to do well in the future, when the prices of energy resources could be on the rise. 

Some of the most popular design elements we are incorporating into energy-saving home design today include:

  • Solar thermal and electric options 
  • Airtight construction and advanced thermal envelopes 
  • High-performance windows 
  • LED and Energy Star lighting options 
  • Wall and roof assemblies that prevent air and vapor from moving around
  • Controlled ventilation and weather-stripping techniques 
  • Energy Star appliances and equipment like heating and cooling, water heating, and more
  • Air sealing around all vents, doors, and windows
  • Superior insulation techniques and materials 

We’d like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your vision for the perfect home at no obligation on your behalf. Get started today by booking an appointment to consult with our professionals.

Build the Energy-Efficient House You Desire

Let it be known. When you want to build an energy-efficient house, you don’t have to make sacrifices to get exactly what you want. The look, layout, all the finishes, and the feel of your home will be tailored to your preferences completely. Energy efficiency will be built right into the walls, vents, flooring, roof, ductwork, and siding, giving you an airtight home with plenty of adequately installed ventilation to manage moisture levels within the internal structure of your house.

In addition to creating some of the most advanced thermal housing envelopes in the region, we are also committed to keeping you in the loop during every step of our home design phase. We value your input and believe you should have peace of mind throughout the design process so you are comfortable and happy with our progress.

The sky is the limit when you choose seasoned design experts with years of experience creating gorgeous, environmentally forward homes for our clients. Would you like to see examples of our recent work? Book an appointment with our dedicated team at no risk or obligation on your behalf.

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KBRCO Energy Efficient Home Designs is the home efficiency expert the residents of Beverly rely on for forward-thinking innovations that create a more sustainable future for all.

Connect with us by dialing (603) 432-3889 to arrange a zero-risk consultation.

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